Introduction: How to Make Basil Mozzarella Sticks #HMS2020

Hello! My name is Charli Davis and I will be showing you how to prepare one recipe of Basil Mozzarella Sticks!


- 1 lb mozzarella cheese block

- 1/4 cup white flower

- 1 cup plain breadcrumbs

- 2 eggs

- 3 tbsp. milk

- 1/2 tsp of dry basil

- garlic salt (optional)

- Air fryer

- 3 bowls

- Whisk

- Baking sheet

Step 1: Cut the Mozzarella

First thing you do is cut the side of the mozzarella into a thin piece. Next you cut that into a 3×3 stick. After each stick you make put it into a pile. If there are any extra pieces that are too small or deformed, its your choice to cook them with the rest of the batch.

Step 2: Add Dry Ingrediants Together

First add your 1 cup of flour into a medium size bowl. Then you add your 1/2 tbsp of basil into the same medium sized bowl. Lastly mix the flour and basil until throughly mixed.

Step 3: Add Wet Ingrediants Together

Into a little bit of a larger bowl you first add your 2 eggs. Next you add your 3 tbsp of milk into the bowl. After you add the egg and milk, you whisk them together. Make sure to whisk them throughly or it could become clumpy and runny.

Step 4: Add Breadcrumbs

Next, add your 1 cup of breadcrumbs into a third bowl. Make sure to pour them slowly so you dont spill any.

Step 5: Assembling the Sticks

First grab a baking sheet (size depending on the amount your making) and line with wax paper. Then tip your mozzarella stick into the flour mixture, egg mixture, and breadcrumbs. Then repeat with the rest. After each one is done place it on the baking sheet.

Step 6: Put Sticks in Freezer

After you are done placing all the sticks on the baking sheet, place it in the freezer for about 1:30. Or until hardened

Step 7: Cook Them!

After they are hardened in the frezzer, add a sprinkle of garlic salt (optional). Put about ten in the air fryer at a time. Let them cook for 12 minutes per 10 sticks.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Place them on a plate after cooking and enjoy!

Step 9: Conclusion

Overall they tasted good. I could have added more breading to them, because on some of them the cheese melted out.