Introduction: How to Make Bicycle Sound Like Motorcycle?

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Hey there,

Have you ever heard cycle sounding like motorcycle, so today you are going to hear this, lets go...


1. Cardboard piece

2. Sticky tape or fevistick

3. Bicycle

Step 1: Giving a Shape to Cardboard

Take a cardboard and cut it in rectangular shape, sized as per your cycle's requirement.

now cut another cardboard piece, same as the first one.

Stick both the cardboard as shown in image.

Step 2: Making Cardboard Fully Functional.

Take the cardboard and stick it properly on a rod near your

bicycle’s wheel, see the image carefully. And yes, stick it properly, make sure that the half part of cardboard should be in the wheel.
And yes,
You can also follow these steps on, instead of cardboard, on a bottle piece, it will really sound very big...

Step 3: Enjoy Riding Your Cycle As Motorcycle.

When you will ride your cycle, the cardboard and wheel touches each other, thus sound occurs like motorcycle.

When you will ride your motorcycle on streets, people will see your cycle as if they have never seen it.

I am sure, you will enjoy riding your bicycle.

Happy riding! Safe riding!

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