Introduction: How to Make Colorful Paints at Home, Very Easy!

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I want to paint by my colors are over!

Oh! yours also same situation like me, don't worry! I will show you how to make our own paint.

Lets go for it!


Face powder


Red chili powder

Turmeric powder

Coffee powder

Blue pen ink

A spoon

A stick (to mix things)

4 Small containers

Step 1: Base of Paints.

Take a bowl and put some spoons of face powder in it as per

your requirements, now add some spoons of fevicol depend on face powder and mix it properly but first add some water till it gets thin, stir it till it gets thin and pour it in some containers, almost 4 containers.

Step 2: Adding Colors to Mixture.

Now for,

Red color- Add chili powder in the mixture and mix it well.

Yellow color- Add turmeric powder in the mixture and mix it well.

Brown color- Add coffee powder in the mixture and mix it well.

Blue color- Add blue pen ink in the mixture and mix it well.

And our paints are ready.

Step 3: Our Homemade Paints Are Ready.

Oh yes!
Our homemade paint is ready!
Surprise your relatives with your fabulous drawings and painting made by you, just you!
Now, no worries of paint, whenever it is over, just make another one.
Good Luck!

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