Introduction: How to Make Black Bean Hummus

  • I love hummus with anything! I also like it because whenever we have family gatherings hummus is on our dinner table. I love tweaking and making little changes to hummus because its almost hard to mess it up and not come out tasting really great. I also want to add that hummus is supposedly made with chickpeas but I wanted to change it and see if it works with another bean. I substituted chick beans or the hummus beans for black beans!! crazy I know but it worked and I love it!

  • For precaution: please be aware that some form of cutting/cooking and use of ingredients and spices experience is required :)


Ingredients needed:
1) One can of black beans ( I used trader joes organic black beans) 2) 1/4 cupTahini sauce (sesame sauce that is essential in every hummus recipe) 3) Two lemons 4) About a tablespoon Olive oil (mine is garlic flavored but I personally recommend you to use normal so that you can control the garlicy taste in the hummus) 5) salt 6) Three cloves of garlic 7) For spices: cayenne pepper, cumin Garnish: I used chopped parsley but you can use what every herb/vegetable you like! APPLIANCES/TOOLS: I used a 10 cup food processor ,chopping mat, and a knife, a can opener to open the black beans, and last I used strainer to drain the beans but that's optional because you can just pour most of the liquid out without one.

Step 2: HOW TO

**Instructions and tools needed**
- Once you have all your ingredients ready ,pour the black beans into the food processor

-Add juice from two lemons, three garlic cloves, and tahini sauce all in the blender and blend for about 20 to 30 seconds.

_ Next add salt (used about 1/4th of teaspoon) even though I just eyeballed it, a dash of cumin depending on much you like cumin, and cayenne very lightly cause that could easily make it too spicy.

_ Taste it and see if it needs more salt/tahini, or spices

_I poured it in a dish and drizzled some olive oil Thank you for reading hope you try!


_ It turned out the way I wanted it to. This dish takes no time and makes an excellent lunch snack for our kiddos, appetizer for lunch or dinner. Also what ever leftover I have end up in Tupperware or zip lock bags in the freezer that way I always have it at hand when i needs it and just bring it down to the fridge to thaw.Thank you for reading and hope you all try :)

Step 4:

Step 5: