Introduction: How to Make Bo Shurikens/Throwing Spikes

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There are many instructables and guides for making Bo Shurikens, or what is known more commonly to Westerners as Throwing Spikes. This is my first instructable ever so this is more for my education than anything else. So constructive criticism, ideas, and your input are all welcome, just be sure to keep the be nice policy please.

Step 1: Supplies

These supplies are very easy to access, and may even be found quite cheaply if you scour garage sales and such.

-6 inch Rafter Nail
-Bolt Cutters
-Bucket of Water
-Bench Grinder

Step 2: Nail Preporation

Start by cutting the head off of the nail using the bolt cutters. Then take the nail and grind off the burr left by the bolt cutters, this makes it easier to create the taper without the irregularity created burr or makes it much smoother if you want a single ended Bo Shuriken.

Step 3: Creating the Taper

Begin holding the nail with TWO hands, with your dominant hand in back. Place the end of the nail at a close angle against the grinding wheel, turn the nail slowly and take your time creating the taper. Start a little ways from the desired point and work your way towards the end constantly turning the nail and forming a nice sharp end. Then take the nail and dip it into your bucket of water, as your nail should be quite hot by now, to cool it quicker than air cooling.

*TIP: I like to make my tapers quite long, about 1 inch or so, remember that the longer your taper is the sharper your point will be. And the sharper your point is, the greater the performance of the Bo Shuriken is (You'll be surprised at how deep you can bury one of those things into a piece of wood with a well made point)*

Step 4: Single or Double Ended

If you want a single ended Bo Shuriken you may stop now, however if you want a double sided Bo Shuriken repeat Step 3 on the other end. I prefer double ended over single ended because it is much easier to make it stick, however with enough practice the more easily concealable single ended works just as well.

Step 5: Throwing Techniques

There are two types of throwing techniques that are widely used when throwing Bo Shurikens or spikes.

Knife Grip: Hold the Bo Shuriken by one end a so that your thumb is holding the taper and a little bit of regular, be careful not to grip the point to heavily, between your index and thumb. When you release snap your arm straight as if there was a barbed wire fence below your arm and you do not want to be stabbed. This technique is best used with a double ended Bo Shuriken.

Spike Grip: Chamber the Bo Shuriken between your index, social, and ring fingers and use your thumb to hold the Bo Shuriken against your palm. When you throw release your thumb and slightly loosen your three-finger grip on the Bo Shuriken, however do not completely slacken the fingers or you will loose your barrel effect that this technique is known for. Again be sure to apply the fence theory when throwing. This technique is best used with a single ended Bo Shuriken.

Although I stated which grip works best for different Bo Shurikens it does not mean that it will work perfectly for you, all people are different when it comes to throwing so experiment and find out hat works best for you.

Step 6: Have Fun

Bo Shurikens are very easy to manufacture once you get the hang of it, so make several of them and have fun. I like to engage my friends in a sort of a "throw off" to see who has better technique and skill. JUST REMEMBER SAFETY MUST BE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY.


Have fun and if you liked my instructable or have any ideas you want me to try out leave me a comment in the box below. Thanks for checking out my first ever instructable and please follow me if you feel the need, I'll try to get some more exciting stuff posted.