Introduction: How to Make Caramel Apples at Home #Hms2020

Hi i´m going to teach you how to make caramel apples from scratch.


apples, sprinkles(optional), caramel ,chocolate melts(optional),(optional)hard candy like jolly ranchers ,milk,

Step 1: Washing the Apples

Make sure you wash the apples thoroughly . Make sure that you dry the apples all the way through because the caramel will slip off the apple .if it is still wet and then it will be a big ole mess. then you want to add the sticks to the apples then stick them in the fridge.💧💧🍏🍏.

Step 2: Cooking the Caramel

So what you want to do is if you buy the package .you will put it in the pot 8oz of milk then add 2 1/2 cups of sugar. then wait until it boils then stir after that do the ball test ( put caramel in a cup of cold water) and if you can make a ball in your hands then it´s ready . wait ten minutes for it to cool . then it´s ready.

Step 3: Covering the Apples the With Caramel

So when the caramel is cooling take the apples out of the fridge and the cookie sheet. So the caramel won´t run as much as it will if the caramel was hot. Then you want to do is kind of swirl the apple in the caramel . After that you want to cover the whole entire apple with the caramel . Finally you hold the apple right side up then let all the excess caramel drip off of the apples and if you want to add toppings like sprinkles then you just sprinkle the topping on the apple but don´t wait to long or the apple will get to hard then the toppings won´t stick.

Step 4: Conclusion

After all the apples came out pretty good but there where some challenges .The very first batch was with a different caramel but when it dried it got really hard . Then we redid them and the second time we tried the first batch again we used a different caramel. So the caramel was really soft but when we swirled the apple the stick kept falling off . After that the next challenge was keeping the apples cool so the caramel won´t fall off but some of them dried pretty easily .So the very last batch the caramel apples were put in the fridge overnight but it still ran a lot but it´s okay because everything is not perfect .Finally the last challenge was the toppings so the white chocolate at first the chocolate was to hot so put a little less time than we did before and it worked we dipped the chilled apples in the white chocolate then dipped it in crushed up brownies and then put them in our freezer for five minutes.Then we finished.