Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Flip Flops

These simple and easy to follow steps, if followed right, will lead you through the process of building your very own cardboard slides that feel good on your feet and are durable.


Tools: Scissors Knife Ruler Pencil

Materials: Cardboard Paper Duct Tape Glue

Step 1: Making the Insoles

The parts we will make first are the insoles. The insole is the part that the bottom of your feet touch, it is the bed for your feet.

First you need to gather all your materials and tools. Once you have gathered everything you will need to measure what size the flops will be based on how big your feet are. Put some cardboard (a piece of cardboard that is big enough to fit your feet) on the floor and place your right foot on the cardboard and trace the outline of your foot. Then using the knife, cut out the outline of your right foot and place it aside. Make sure you place your cardboard onto of a hard surface and cut, be carful when cutting, slow and steady is the most safe. Complete this step twice for each foot, so you will end up with 2 insoles for your right foot and 2 insoles for your left foot. We will finish this step up with taping both the right insoles together by wrapping the outsides of the insoles. Finish by wrapping both the left insoles together too. Now we have made the insoles and by wrapping it with tape and doubling it we made the insoles durable and more comfortable for wear.

Step 2: Making the Strap

Next you will need to make the strap of the slide that will secure your foot and hold your foot in place. The strap of the slide is the material that goes over your toe knuckles and allows for movement without your foot being too loose on the slide.

For this you will need to measure your foot with a ruler. Measure the length of your foot, from the big toe knuckle to the small toe knuckle. Using this length, draw 2 rectangles with a width of 2-3 inches on a separate sheet of cardboard. Once you have drawn your rectangles on the cardboard, cut them out with the scissors (when using scissors be careful, cutting slow is the best when using cardboard, use hard surface when cutting). Then get your tape and wrap the tape around each flap, two times. This will make them more durable and be able to hold when it bends over your knuckles. Now we have two straps, one for the left slide and one for the right and we have 2 insoles.

Step 3: Making the Outsoles

Now we will make the outsole of the slides. The outsole of the slide is the bottom most piece that makes direct contact with the floor.

For the outsole we will use a separate sheet of cardboard and draw 8 rectangles with the same width as your strap from step 2 and a length of 5 inches. Draw the rectangles on the cardboard and cut them out, once you cut out the 8 rectangles, wrap tape around each one one time, this will make your bottoms water resistant and add grip/traction for your slides. Adding tape on the bottom will make sure the user won't slip when wearing them and makes it so there is maximum traction with the ground and cardboard. Now take 4 of the 8 rectablegs and take your right insole. On the bottom of your insole tape the 4 straps horizontally, leaving at least 2cm in between each piece. Once you have secured the 4 restangels on bottom of your right insole, do the same for your left insole too.

Step 4: Shaping the Outsoles

From step 3 you should have your 4 rectangles on each insole, left and right. If there is excess cardboard hanging out of the insole, take your scissors and cut the excess cardboard from the outsoles, in the shape of the insole. When trimming the sides make sure to cut away from you and to go slow making sure you know where you are cutting.

Step 5: Attaching the Straps on the Soles

Once the insoles are attached to the outsoles (the 4 rectangles on each slide), we need to attach the straps to the slides. For this place your right sole on the floor and place your foot on it. Once your right foot is on your right sole, take a pencil and mark where your strap will be most efficient (generally where your toe knuckles are). Once you mark where the right strap should go, take some tape and secure the strap over the markings you have made (use as much tape that is required to have a secure strap). Once you have secured your right strap on your right sole, complete this step for the left sole and left strap.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once you have attached all 3 parts together, the outsole, insole, and strap, you have completed your cardboard slides. Add any decorations or any excess tape if desired.