Introduction: How to Make Chocolate Bread.

This will be a guide on how to make chocolate bread, its pretty easy as far as bread goes as it is basically a normal loaf of sweet bread with chocolate chips in it.

Step 1: The Ingredients

Dry ingredients
8 cups of flour
2 tea spoons of salt
2 packets of yeast (we used the rapid rise variety)
4 tea spoons of sugar
Wet ingredients
4 and 1/3 of very warm water
2 tea spoons of oil
1/2 cups of milk
outside ingredients:
1 packet of chocolate chips for each loaf (Semi-sweet)
1 egg for each loaf (used for egg wash, not loaf itself)
half a bar of butter (used to smear on the pans)

Step 2: The Utensils

1 batter spoon
1 batter whisk
Measuring spoons
1 large bowl with lid
2 large mixing bowls
rags/towels for rising
1 basting brush

Step 3: Setting Up the Ingredients

Empty all of the dry ingredients into a bowl, and mix
Empty all of the wet ingredients into a separate bowl, make sure the water is as hot as can be!

Doing it this way keeps things organized.

Step 4: Mixing the Bowls, and Kneading the Dough

put the wet and the dry together, and mix well until its a blubber like substance. After that you need to find a clean, flat surface with lots of room in preparation for kneading. To knead you need to fold the product in on itself for around five minutes or until its a smooth elastic substance. Once that is done move to the next step.

Step 5: Oiling and Rising

Now that you have mixed and kneaded it, you need to oil it for rising. Take a large bowl, and pour in two table spoons of oil. Place the dough inside face side down, and cover in the oil. Secure the lid and wait until the dough doubles in size, this should take one to two hours.

Step 6: Punching and Dividing

Once it has risen, you need to flatten the dough using your fist until to ensure that there are no air bubbles. Air bubbles will leave large holes inside the dough. After that you need to divide the dough in two. You can either use a knife or tear it, a knife will be more accurate but if you cant use one then use your hands. Make sure that they are an even size, and both in a ball shape.

Step 7: Flattening, and Adding the Chips

Take one of the dough ball you have made, and flatten it into a rectangular shape using a rolling pin, make sure its only half an inch thick. Once it is flattened and in a rectangle, apply a cup of chocolate chips evenly across the dough.

Step 8: Folding the Dough, and Rising Once More

Now you must carefully fold the dough width-wise as if it were a newspaper. Afterwards, get a cookie sheet and apply a coating of butter evenly across the sheet, and place the dough on it seem side down. Drape a towel over the dough, wait 30 minutes for it to rise once more. Once you are done, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 176.667 degrees Celsius.

Step 9: Doing an Eggwash and Cutting

Get an egg and crack it into another smaller bowl, and mix. Be sure not to get any shells in it. Once you are done, you need to get a basting brush, and use it to spread the egg across the dough evenly. Afterwards, take a knife and cut several lines into the dough, not too deep, just a few small cuts. It's purely to make it look nice, so if you want to skip it you can.

Step 10: Baking

Now that we have taken care of most of the steps, its time to bake it. Assuming you pre-heated it, you should put it in there and close the door, be sure to set the timer for 20-40 minutes or until golden brown.

Step 11: Final Product

Congratulations, now that you have done all the steps your bread should look similar to this, if not then re-read the steps and ensure that you have done everything correctly.