Introduction: How to Make Christmas Tree Ornament for Desk Decoration

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Got any ideas to decorate your sweet home for Christmas? Here, I've come up this beaded Christmas tree for you! Check it out!

Step 1: Materials Needed in Making Wire Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Step 2: Wrap the Main Frame of the Wire Christmas Tree Ornaments

1st, cut about 80cm aluminum wire, make a loop far about 20cm from one end, then hold the loop firmly, use the shorter wire to coil around itself several times, this is the foundation of the wire Christmas tree ornament;

2nd, wrap the longer wire around a cone shaped model evenly, then take it out of the cone, and straighten it;

Step 3:

3rd, make a loop at the top of the wire wrapped tree.

Step 4: Make the Leaves of Wire Christmas Tree Ornaments

1st, cut off about 100cm 0.3mm copper wire, wrap several turns around the top aluminum loop of the Christmas tree ornament;

2nd, slide a 4mm pearl glass bead onto the copper wire, then continue to wrap the copper wire around the aluminum wire several turns;

3rd, do another six pearl glass beads in the same way;

Step 5:

4th, slide six seed beads onto the copper wire, add a 4mm pearl glass bead again, pass through the copper wire back to the last seed bead, and tighten wires, then add five seed beads again, then continue to wrap the copper wire around aluminum wire;

Step 6:

5th, repeat process the 4th to wrap the wire tree until filled with beaded leaves; if you find the copper wire isn’t enough, you can cut another copper wire and continue to wrap;6th, wrap the redundant copper wire around the aluminum wire; now, wire Christmas tree ornamet is done.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of Wire Christmas Tree Ornaments: