Introduction: How to Make Coffee in a Kuerig

If you just recently purchased a new Keurig and you are stuck trying to figure out how to use it, then follow these quick steps.

Step 1: Plug in Your Keurig

If there's no power, then there can be no coffee.

Step 2: Feel Up a Container With Water and Pour It Into the Designated Compartment

Be careful not to fill past the max fill line to prevent your Keurig from leaking.

Step 3: Hit the Power Button

Allow for the water to heat up before you can do anything, there will be a little red light that will light up to indicate that this is happening. I mean who would want cold coffee anyways, unless you have ice?

Step 4: Lift Up the The Handle at the Very Top to Insert a Coffee Container

There is a circular shaped hole where the coffee containers fit perfectly. Insert the coffee container into this fully.

Step 5: Close the Handle Back Down Fully

This will poke a hole through the top and bottom of the container in order for the water to ventilate though in order to make the coffee.

Step 6: Place the Coffee Mug Directly Underneath the Spout

Failure to do so will lead to coffee getting all over your table, counter, or whatever surface you have chosen to brew coffee on.

Step 7: Press the Blue Button That Matches the Size Coffee Mug You Have

These three buttons will lit up as soon as the handle is fully closed. You must choose the button that correlates with the size mug you have otherwise you'll risk overfilling or under filling your cup causing you to be more irritated than you were before you went to go make coffee.

Step 8: Watch As the Magic Happens

Within less than a minute your frown will turn upside down as you watch that hot liquid embodiment of true happiness fill your mug.

Step 9: Add Creamer and Sugar to the Coffee and Stir

Add to your desired amount and stir well so all of it is not at the bottom of the mug. If you like your coffee black then you can skip this step and continue on with your sinful life.

Step 10: Enjoy Your New Found Joy

Take your time drinking this delicious sweet release from all the past anguish and stressors to start of your day and feel ready to take on whatever your teachers, crappy bosses, or bratty kids throw your way.