Introduction: How to Make Computer Part Monsters

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I will not take credit on thinking of making these. I just improved on the idea.

I first saw the guys/monsters at a novelty shop by me and i thought I could make these.

They are kind of like this Instructable:

If you think of names for them comment with the number of the creature and the name you think it should be.


Step 1: Gather Parts

For tools you will need:

Soldering tool/ solder
Hot glue gun/ hot glue sticks
Maybe helping hands

Different circuit boards with a lot of different components( i used a old TV circuit board and I think a VCR circuit board)

Step 2: Create

Find pieces on the circuit board that you want to use, desolder it or just rip it off. 

Glue or solder depending on what part. I found it is better to solder as much as you can since it is stronger. Start with either legs or main body. Find eyes, something for the mouth, add arms if you want. 

These are some of my creations. There is one not pictured because a leg and the head came off.

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