Introduction: Welding/Metals Projects

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These are some of the projects/fun things I have made out of metal.

The hand and the bike I made at school in a shop class.
I just used different scrap pieces and cut different things to make the bike. I got a really good grade on it.
For the hand, I saw this Instructable, and decided to make one but I scaled it down. I need to grind down some of the joints on the hand, but I'm lazy and don't really care.

The ZombieAxe I made in my garage.
This all started when I found an axe handle in a dumpster. I first made a head for it out of aluminium, and I was being dumb and not figuring out it was aluminum, i put it in some hot charcoal to temper and it melted. So I made a new one out of steel. I painted it in black spray paint, and I was going to put a red line down the handle, but I couldn't find red spray paint.
The head spins/swivels to two positions, one more like a big knife/small sword, and one like a tomahawk. It it really fun to throw. I added the three spikes for deadliness.

*I am using an American one dollar bill as reference for size.

I am entering these in the Metals Contest so please vote for me.

More are probably to be on its way, when I get a welder(hopefully from the Metals Contest) or I take another metals class at school.

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