Introduction: How to Make Concrete Mummies

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Join us as we share how to make fun concrete mummies! For full how-to please watch the video.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need:

  • concrete
  • cotton piping or other absorbent material
  • balloon
  • plastic wrap
  • water
  • ping pong balls
  • Also when working with concrete you need to protect your hands, lungs, and eyes. Wear plastic gloves, safety glasses, and use a mask over your nose.

Step 2: Inflate the Balloon

We used an inflator to fill our balloon. To add strength to the balloon and to help prevent accidental popping, wrap the balloon in plastic wrap after filling.

Step 3: Mix Up Concrete

Mix the concrete with water until it is a soupy consistency. If it's more like dirty water, that's too watery. Add water as you work to keep a soupy consistency.

Saturate the cotton piping or whatever absorbent material you are using--don't loose the end. Start wrapping all around the ballon in a random pattern until you are satisfied with the look.

If you're using ping pong ball eyes, leave a space where they will be attached after drying.

Put the orb into a bowl for drying at least 24 hours.

After drying, pop and remove the balloon, glue in the eyes.

Step 4: Set Up Your Spooky/Creepy Display

We utilized our concrete hands and natural elements to create a display with the concrete mummies. The "nest" was a happy accident created when one of the balloons lost air before the concrete was dry. We removed the balloon and fully collapsed the concrete creating a bowl. Ping pong balls along with green craft paint make a creepy nest of reptile eggs.

We used dried leaves, Spanish moss, sticks, orange mini lights, and purchased bag of "spider webbing" to complete our display.

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