Introduction: How to Make Concrete Pumpkins for Only $1

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I don't usually do seasonal decorations, but I just couldn't resist these super cute concrete pumpkins! They are an easy, adorable and affordable fall decor DIY for beginners!



hot glue gun

Step 1: Nylons

The first thing we’re going to do is get our nylons ready. I cut off the top and then cut them in half, giving me 4 pumpkins from each pair.

Nylons come in different thicknesses and I would definitely recommend a thicker nylon. The thinner ones were very difficult to get off but the thicker ones pealed off nicely when the concrete was dried.

Step 2: Quikrete

Then I got my quickrete ready (you could also use a gravel/sand/concrete mix). Prep a little bit of mix by adding water and then add more mix, and more water. If you just mix it all in one batch, it will be difficult to mix right to the bottom and in the corners.

Step 3: Fill Nylon

I used an empty yogurt container to hold open my nylon and make it easier to fill. Then I tied a knot in the top of the nylon.

Step 4: String

I laid out 3 pieces of string and set my soon-to-be pumpkin in the middle. Then I took one string at a time and tied it at the top, being careful not to tie them on top of the nylon knot (as it will be wayy more difficult to get the knot out later if it gets buried under the string).

Then I set it aside to dry for 24 hours.

Step 5: Take Off String & Nylon

Once your pumpkins are dry, cut the string off, starting from the bottom and then cut a small hole in the nylons at the bottom and gently peel it off.

I would give them a gentle sand with 120 grit paper and then blow them off so there is no concrete residue left.

Step 6: Stems

Then I used a hot glue gun and some small sticks to create the stems.

Step 7: