Introduction: How to Make DC Motor Speed Controller

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Hello friends in this blog i will make a diy dc speed controller which is used as led light dimmer and dc motor speed controller .if you want to make this project at home you will need the components following and circuit below. The best solution of dimming light and variate speed is to buy a ready made one link are below .

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Step 1:

Step 2: Things You Need

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How to Make DC Motor Speed Controller. You can Control 12v DC Motor with this Circuit.

Parts that you need:

- 1 IRFZ44 + Aluminum heat sink -

1 NE555, 3v Led -

1 Capacitor 35v 470uf

- 3 * Resistor 1K ohm -

3 * Diode 1N4148 -

1 * Resistor 10K ohm - 1 Potentiometer 50k - 1 Ceramic capacitors 104 - 1 Ceramic capacitors 103 - 2 * Ceramic capacitors 473


Step 3: Best PCB Prototype 2$ for 10 PCBs

Step 4: Links to Buy Ready Made Modular Circuit


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