Introduction: How to Make Easter Bunny Marshmallow Heads

This is a very fun and simple easter desert for the kids to help out with. Each bunny head takes about 30 seconds to make once you have all of your supplies out and cut up. Depending how many bunnies you make will depend on the amount of time it will take to prep and complete them. I made 20 bunnies and it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. I hope you enjoy these fun delicious easter treats. 

Heres what I recommend doing before you start:
1. Wash your hands
2. Get out all your supplies
3. Put the frosting and coconut into separate bowls
4. Cut the bunny ears (as shown in step 7 & 8)
5. Cut the Mike and Ikes or Twist and Pull Licorice (as shown in step 12)
6. Begin the building process
7. Have fun and be creative! 

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

You will need:
1. Marshmallows
2. Frosting
3. Coconut
4. Some type of small round candy. (I used green sour candy) (you could use skittles, M&M's, etc.)

Step 2: Supplies You Will Need

6. Mike and Ikes (or you could use twist and pull red licorice)

Step 3: Supplies You Will Need

7. 2 Bowls
8. A spoon or a frosting spatula (both pictured)
9. Cooking Scissors
10. Parchment paper or Wax paper

Step 4: Step 1

Take the first bowl and scoop out the amount of frosting you think that you will need. 

Step 5: Step 2

Place In frosting in the bowl. 

Step 6: Step 3

Roll a marshmallow in the frosting until it is completely covered with frosting. 

Step 7: Step 4

Roll the frosting covered marshmallow in the coconut until completely covered. 

Step 8: Step 5

1. Set the Marshmallow on the Parchment or Wax Paper. 
2. Repeat Steps 1-5 until you have made the amount that you want. 

Step 9: Step 6

Take a new marshmallow

Step 10: Step 7

1. Cut the marshmallow with the scissors on a diagonal to make the bunnies ears. 
2. Repeat this step until you have enough bunny ears for the amount of marshmallows that you have. 

Step 11: Step 8

The bunnies ears should look similar to this. 

Step 12: Step 9

Dip the bottom of your bunny ears in frosting. 

Step 13: Step 10

Place the bunny ears onto the top of the bunnies head. 

Step 14: Step 11

Take your candy pieces and make the 2 eyes and the nose. 
(You can also make the eyes and the nose different colors. This makes things fun and silly for the kids)

Step 15: Step 12

Cut the Mike and Ikes into small pieces for the bunnies whiskers. You will need six pieces per bunny. 

(If you use the Licorice)
1. Pull it apart
2. Cut into small parts

Step 16: Step 13-The Finished Product!

Place the bunnies whiskers on by dipping the bottom of the whiskers in frosting (like we did with the bunny ears) and stick them onto the bunny!

Feel free to substitute out anything you don't like and please be creative! My 2 1/2 year old nephew absolutely loved rolling the marshmallows in the frosting and coconut, and insisted on dying some of the marshmallows pink and purple, his two favorite colors!

If you are not going to be enjoying these festive treats right away they are best stored in a air tight tupperware container.