Introduction: Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops

People who throw parties are always looking for a fun treat to serve to their party guests, and Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops are the perfect little snacks. Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops can be a big hit for a girl’s birthday party, kick-off to summer bashes, edible craft activities, or just for the purpose of eating them. These instructions will explain each step to make Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops. Then you can make them for your next party and amaze your guests about how cute and crafty your tasty treat is.

Step 1: Lay Out All of the Supplies Needed.

Supplies Needed:
• Nutter Butter (1 package: approximately 32 cookies)
• Fruit Roll-ups: a variety of colors work the best (1 box: 10 – 0.5 oz rolls)
• Pull and Peel Twizzlers (1 bag: 14oz)
• Mini M&Ms: can also be substituted with large sprinkles (1 bag: 12.0 oz)
• Frosting: any flavor will work (1 container: 16 oz)

Tools Needed:
- Knife
- Small cutting surface; could use a table, plate, or cutting board

(Total cost comes to approximately $13.00 for all supplies; per flip-flop comes to approximately $0.40 with some supplies remaining like frosting, Mini M&Ms, and Twizzlers to possibly make even more Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops.)

Step 2: Constructing the Flip-flop

Place a Fruit Roll-up on the cutting surface with the Fruit Roll-up still lying on the plastic wrapping and lay a Nutter Butter on top of the Fruit Roll-up. Use a knife and cut around the Nutter Butter to get the same shape on the Fruit Roll-up.
The cut out Fruit Roll-up will serve as the top of the flip-flop and make the flip-flop colorful.

*Note: If you are making many flip-flops try to cut as close to the edge of the Nutter Butter as possible to get as many Nutter Butter shapes to fit on one Fruit Roll-up.

Warning: When using a knife be very careful so you don’t cut yourself.

Step 3: Applying the "glue"

Frost one side of a Nutter Butter and lay the Fruit Roll-ups shape on the frosted side.
The frosting’s purpose is to serve as a glue to keep the Fruit Roll-up attached to the Nutter Butter.

Step 4: Making the Straps

Pull a string of Twizzler off and cut 2 – 1 inch pieces for the straps for each flip-flop you are making.

Step 5: Applying More "glue"

Add 3 dabs of frosting: one at a top middle point and the other two on the sides like shown in the picture.

Step 6: Attaching the Straps

Attach the pieces of Twizzler from the top point of frosting to each of the sides to appear as straps of a flip-flop.

Step 7: Decorating the Flip-flops

Place 1 mini M&M on each dab of frosting, if needed add more frosting to allow the M&M to stay on the flip-flop.

Step 8:

Enjoy eating your Flavorful Fun Flip-Flop!

Step 9:

Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops are a perfect idea for any party. They are so simple to make, and you could even have people make their own and just set out all the supplies they will need to complete a flip-flop. If you have people make their own, it would be a great idea to lay out different items to decorate the flip-flop like the sprinkles along with the M&Ms or different flavors or colors of frosting.  Now that you know how to make some Flavorful Fun Flip-Flops you can enjoy making them for family and friends.