Introduction: How to Make Electric Truck With DC Motor - Simple - Easy DIY

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Step 1: Tools You Need to Make This Awesome Truck

  1. Plastic Bottle
  2. DC Motor
  3. Battery
  4. Plastic Pinium
  5. plastic bottle caps
  6. glue gan
  7. box
  8. pop sticks or ice cream sticks
  9. Soldering iron
  10. Straw

Step 2: Make a Hole With Bottle Caps

Now Make a hole with bottle caps with Soldering iron in the middle of the caps.

Step 3: Take Straw and 2 Bottle Caps

Now Take Straw and 2 bottle caps to make the wheel.

Step 4: Make a Wheel

Make a wheel using bottle caps and straw as like the picture.

Step 5: Attach the Wheel With Battery

In this stage attach the wheel with Battery.

Step 6: Make Another Wheel With Pinium

Now Make another wheel with plastic pinium, see the picture.

Step 7: Add Glue in Battery

Now add some glue with battery

Step 8: Attach Dc Motor With Battery

Now Attach Dc Motor with battery using glue and must set both pinium with as like wheel and DC Motor. See the picture.

Step 9: Add Straw With Wheel

First cut the straw in the middle and add it with wheel as like picture.

Step 10: Give Some Glue in the DC Motor

Give some glue in the DC motor to add another wheel which has pinium.

Step 11: Make Two Wheel

Now Make two wheel with plastic bottle caps. as like picture.

Step 12: Add a Pop Sticks

Now add a pop sticks in the back wheel of the truck which have a pinium.

Step 13: Add Two Wheel With Pop Sticks

Now Add two wheel with pop sticks with glue,

Step 14: Add a Box With the Two Wheel

Now add a box with two wheel where you put a pop sticks last steps.

Step 15: Now Add Box Wheel With Dc Motor Pop Stick Section

Now add box wheel which you made last steps with Dc Motor Pop stick section. and use some glue to add them.

Step 16: Now Your Truck Is Ready to Run

Now connect with motor and battery and run you trucks. Its ready to use now and enjoy it.

If you confuse any steps watch my full video here: