Introduction: How to Make Food Safe Finishing Wax

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In this Instructable, I'll show you how I made 3 different beeswax mixtures with minimal cost and time.

You can use Paste wax to polish your furniture, finish your wooden tool handles, protect your steel surfaces from corrosion, or even use it as a lip balm (if you use mineral oil from the pharmacy.)

Hope you find some inspiration to make your own!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Tools Needed:

  • Double boiler, or set of pots, or a glass bowl
  • Stove or something to boil your water
  • Kitchen scale
  • Grader or a knife ( if you get your beeswax in a block)

Supplies Needed:

Step 2: Preparing the Ingredients

I like to use 200g Salsa jars for my waxes because the opening is large enough and I have always a bunch of them, it will hold 200g of salsa or in this case wax.

So knowing that I measure the oil and the beeswax in a 2 to 1 ratio when all the wax is ready it fits in the jar.

This makes for a nice medium mix that I use for cutting boards, rust prevention, and other wooden surfaces. Feel free to change the ratios to your liking! 1-1, 1-2 and so on.

In this example, I measured 37g of wax and 74g of oil.

If you use beeswax that comes in bars use a cheese grater ( preferably not your best one ) so that you have smaller bits and they melt quicker

Step 3: Melting the Ingredients

For the next step, all you need is some container that you can heat up to around 65C-95C (150F-200F)

The easiest way to do this is a double boiler setup so that you can't overheat your wax if you see the water boiling it is too hot. Simple as that.

If you have a smaller pot with a handle so you have somewhere to hold the hot melted wax, makes life much easier than how I did in a glass jar.

Keep in mind, it is pretty difficult to clean up the pot after the wax is melted in it so you are better of to dedicate a pot for wax melting

Once your water has reached its temperature you can add your ingredients. I discovered that the wax flakes melt much faster if you add the oil first.

Eventually, your ingredients are well molten and mixed they ready for the pour! Be careful! Your spouse will probably pretty mad at you if you spill this stuff all over the kitchen! And you can burn yourself too.

Step 4: Wax On, Wax Off!

Once your wax has cooled down its ready for use.

They look so delicious! No, don't eat them. Okay, you can use the mineral oil mix as a lip balm.

Feel free to experiment with ingredients, add essential oils (for good smelling tools ;-) ) or different oil types.

Sidenote: Yes the Olive oil Mix will go rancid after a while. but you can still use it for rust prevention in the worst case.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some inspiration to make your own and if you want to see more great projects you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel too!

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