Introduction: How to Make a Simple Shedding Tool for Your Pet

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In this Instructable, I'll show you how I made this pet shedding tool which helps to groom the fur of your most beloved animal. For the actual comb, you just need a metal hacksaw blade. FOr the Handle, you can use any kind of wood or even a piece of PVC pipe.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools You Need

Tools Used :

  • Ruler or Caliper
  • Angle Grinder ( or a file)
  • Woodcutting saw or a table saw
  • Belt sander (any kind of sander would work)
  • Pencil
  • Drill and Hacksaw (optional, just needed for decoration)


  • Metal cutting Hacksaw blade
  • Painters tape
  • Epoxy glue
  • Masking tape
  • A piece of wood
  • Optional: Brass rod and CA glue (for decoration)

Step 2: Cutting the Handle to Size

My version of this shedding tool is made for a dog, but if you want it to make for a Horse you could make much longer!

I chose a piece of walnut which was an offcut piece of flooring that I had. It's around 2cm thick. I figuredthe length of 10cm would be long enough and still comfortable to hold. And cut it to size.

Then marked out the center line where I need to cut a slot for the hacksaw blade to go in.

You can cut this slot with the Hacksaw blade (preferably a wood cutting one) which has the same kerf as the one you will glue in the slot. Or you can use any woodcutting saw with close to the thickness of your metal cutting hacksaw blade.

Try to cut the depth of the slot to half of the height of your hacksaw blade that you have enough gluing surface.

Step 3: Shaping the Handle

After you cut the handle to size and made a slot for the "comb" you can shape the handle to your liking.

I used my Belt sander to round over the edges (you can just use sandpaper) so that it is more comfortable to hold in your hand.

The next step is just for decoration where I inserted some brass pins.

I marked the center on one face of the handle and divided it into 4 equal sections where I drill my 3 holes. Choose the drill bit size to the brass rod you going to use so that it has a nice tight fit. The holes don't need to go too deep as they don't add to the structure.

With a Hacksaw I cut the brass rod into 5mm long pieces, then glued them in with some CA glue.

Step 4: Cutting and Gluing

The next step is to place the saw blade it the slot you cut earlier and mark the length.

Afterward, you can cut the blade with an angle grinder or if you don't have one you can just bed it back and forth until it breaks ( most hacksaw blades are pretty brittle). To make the use of the Shedding tool safe for you and your pet round of the outer sharp corners of the blade using again the angle grinder or a file.

Use some Painters tape to mask the handle for easier cleanup close to the slot, and spread some well mixed 5-minute epoxy in the slot ( not on the blade) and insert the blade.

Step 5: Finishing

After the epoxy is fully set, you can remove the tape and clean up the handle. Give it a light sanding and Use some Beeswax or Mineral oil to give it some protection. I suggest these products because if your pet somehow finds it and wants to chew on it you are on the safe side ( at least with the handle)

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some inspiration to make your own.

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