Introduction: How to Make French Toast

I'll be teaching you how to make a simple French Toast






Frying Pan





Step 1:

Grab your egg(s) and your bowl and crack the egg onto the bowl. Next, grab a fork and start whisking the egg(s) together. For this French toast, I used milk to sweeten the flavor.

Step 2: Butter

Get your pan and place it on the stove on medium. Add a piece of butter and spread it all over the pan by sliding the pan in different directions or with a spatula.

Step 3: Dipping and Cooking

Get your bread and dip both sides carefully in the bowl with eggs(and/or maybe milk). Next, get your dipped bread on the buttery pan and let it fry on medium for about 2-3 mins. Use a spatula to carefully lift up a piece of the bread to check if the bottom is toasted. Do this about every 30 seconds until it's toasted. Then, use your spatula and slowly flip the bread over. Repeat the same thing on this side. Keep flipping the bread until it looks toasted.

Step 4: Finished Product

Place your toast on a plate and add any toppings you'd like on it. Grab a fork and enjoy your meal!