Introduction: How to Make Friends With Your Wall

Sometimes making friends can be hard, but that's no reason to quit trying! This series will give you tips and hints on how to become best friends with your wall!!

Step 1: Approach Your Wall

The first - and hardest - step in making friends can be approaching them, but don't give up! You can do it! Gather the courage, take a few deep breaths, and then Approach Your Wall!!

Step 2: Introduce Yourself

Once you've tackled the first step of approaching your wall, you can introduce yourself. You should tell them your name and ask them for theirs(Example: My name is Madisyn, my wall's name is Wallice).

Step 3: Find Things in Common!

Once you've broken the ice and are becoming a bit more comfortable with your wall, it's time to find out what you two have in common! Ask them what their favorite things are(movies, colors, foods, etc.) and tell them what you enjoy.

Step 4: Have a Snack With Your Wall

It's good manners to offer your friend a snack or drink while you're hanging out. Perhaps they'd like a soda or candy bar, it depends though! - That's why it's helpful to find out their favorite foods in the previous step.

Step 5: Have Fun With Your Wall!

You gotta keep things interesting with your friends; so, if you know a card trick or two, now's the time to show them off! No worries though, if you don't have any tricks up your sleeve, you can always play Old Maid or Go Fish instead.

Step 6: Read to Your Wall

I like to read my favorite storybook to my wall on rainy days. This is a really good opportunity to bond with your wall! Pick up your favorite book or magazine and read it with your wall.

Step 7: Spend Quality Time With Your Wall

You won't be able to do fun and cool things every single time you hang out with your wall. Sometimes it's nice to just spend time with your wall and keep each other company!

Step 8: Talk With Your Wall

Discuss personal events and opinions with your wall. Listen to their opinions and stories as well! It's very important to keep up on each others' life events and help one another out with tough decisions.

Step 9: Introduce Other Friends to Your Wall

If you have other friends who you think will get along well with your wall, introduce them! The more, the merrier! Be sure to introduce names (Otis, this is Wallice; Wallice, this is Otis), and let them learn about each other.

Step 10: Remember Your Wall's Birthday!

Birthday's are soooo much better when you celebrate them with friends and those you care about! So, remember your wall's birthday and plan to celebrate it with them.

Step 11: Keep in Touch

Don't forget to keep making plans! It's important to keep in touch with your wall and plan to spend time together in order to keep your friendship strong and in-tact.