Introduction: How to Make Friendship Bracelet

Hello everyone, in this tutorial we will learn how to make a beautiful and colorful friendship bracelet. This bracelet serves to show your friends how much their friendship means to you

And as you can see on the above picture that's what your bracelet is going to look like after you're done.


  1. Embroidery thread in a variety of colors (You can find embroidery floss at Walmart)
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape (you can also use pins/safety pins)

Step 1: Choose Your Embroidery Floss

Grab three or four (or more) colors of embroidery floss.The more colors you choose, the more colorful and thicker your bracelet will be. For my bracelet I choose three different colors.

For each color, cut a length of string about 3 arm lengths long.

Step 2: Tie Loop

Gather all of your strings together.

Find the middle of the strings and fold in half. Tie a knot to make a loop. Make sure your loop is big enough for your strings to go back through later. This is the loop you'll send your strings back through to tie it onto your wrist when you're finished.

Step 3: Secure It

Using tape your going to tape the loop to hold the strings as you start.

As you can see I broke the strings up into three different colors

Step 4: Tying the First Knot

A- Take all the extra thread that you're not using right now and keep it in the middle (for example I'm not using orange and pink so I keep those two colors on the middle)

B- And then you're going to take the color that you're going to use to knot which will be the color that's on the outside and you're going to make a number four, and you're going to take it and cross over the front

C- Take the ends and come up through that hole and then you pull it up until it reaches the knot we made at the beginning

D- And that's how it's going to look like as you keep going

Step 5: Tying Other Colors

Now this is when the pattern comes in your creativity, you can go wild here because you can break it up however you want. If you want a specific color to be longer then the other you can do that, for mine I did 6 for each color

When you're ready to change colors, you just need to follow step four (A) by separating the color you want to use next and keep the extra thead you're not using in the middle. And the continue tying knots (following a-c) for it to look like d.

Step 6: Tie End Knot

When you're finished, tie a knot at the end (using all of the strings). Leave a few inches of string at the end

After you tie a knot at the end separate your strings in two (you choose to braid or twist the two spare strings)

Finally take one of the two strings and pull the strings through the loop at the other end and then tie a knot using both strings, make another knot after to secure it.

Step 7: Tie It On

This is how you're bracelet is going to look like at the end!!!

Enjoy it!