Introduction: How to Make Automatic Rotating Egg Tray From PVC

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Welcome to my instruchable ,Which thing inspires me making this that when I was searching a simple mechanism to make my own automatic incubator I didn't find any kind of video or info over the internet so I did a lot of experiments and lot of become failures but in the end I finally make a design which is super simple that anyone can make this without any experience ,Please vote and support my instruchables so I keep continue making simple projects that everyone can make,enjoy and get benefit from it.

If you want to see it in action you can check my embedded video where I am making it and how it is working perfectly.

Step 1: Tools and Things You Need

You will need very basic tools

Scale Cutter

Wire Cutter

Drill Machine


Thins you need to complete the tray

1x Printer motor 24v

4x Nut and bolts

2x 3 inches Screws

3x 1 inches screws

10x Washers

The PVC parts

9x Elbow joints

3x 9 inches

3x 12 inches

2x 9.5 inches

2x 15 inches

4x 11 cm

2x T joints

2x end caps

Step 2: Joins the PVC Parts

Use 9 inches and 9.5 inches pipes to make a rectangle for holding the tray

Use 15.5 pipes for the sides of base

put 11 cm parts into t joints and joint them with 15.5 pieces

and lastly you will be left with 10 inches parts guess what you have to do just put them in the t joints to make them a pillar for holding the tray put those end caps over the pillars.

Step 3: Making the Pillar Ready

From the upper side mark 3 inches apart and make hole in them ,put the nut bolt in the second hole and tighten it.

Step 4: Base and Tray Is Ready Now Make It Swing

Our tray and base is ready now you have to make hole in tray holder so it can move up and down,

make a hole in 9.5 inches side I measure it comes 22 cm so I make a hole in 11 cm,

Simply Tight the Screws from both sides so It can move 360 degree in that space jointed by the pillars.

Step 5: Making the Motor Move

Take that 12 inches piece and tighten the motor over it with jublee clip

Put the elbow joint over the motor rotating shaft and make 3 holes from sides and screw them tightly

Now make a hole from the front of the the elbow and tighten the nut and bolt from it

now take that 9 inches piece and make holes of 3 inches apart from the upper side and 2 cm from the downside where the motor will be connected to it connect the piece to motor's elbow joint with nut bolt .

Now the motor is ready for action it's fully capable for pull and push mechanism.

Step 6: Fixing the Motor in Place

Now put the motor in place as you can in the picture find the perfect place where motor shaft's t joint is not touching any other part simple make a holes on both sides of the pieces on motor is resting and tighten them with the screws and the final part is to drill hole in the tray holder from where the motor will pull and push it up and down

not you have to tighten the nut and bolt for those parts but use a little bit loose bolt so it doesn't move freely but work as a rotating part just to make them connect you don't have to tighten it .

Here we go it's fully complete and working automatic tray just put the egg tray over it with eggs and tighten it with zipties and plug the 12v power to motor and our very slow moving egg tray is working perfeclty.

Please vote,Like my instruchable and watch this tray in action in the embedded video ,Thanks

Step 7: Our Tray Is Ready for Work

Here we have fully working automatic tray capable of moving 30 eggs at once and at a speed of 6rpm which is very nice eggs.

Please vote,Like my instruchable and watch this tray in action in the embedded video ,Thanks

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