Introduction: How to Make Garagantang Fried Rice

Hello guys, I'm here want to teach you how to make Gargantang Fried rice, this the one of my new tips to make the new taste of fried rice, If you interested to learn about gargantang fried rice, just follow my steps how to make gargantang fried rice.


- a plate of rice
- 4 garlics
- 2 eggs
-9 onions
-chili sauce

Step 1: How to Make Gargantang Rice

Steps to make Gargantang rice
-mash all the spices equally
-then lift it up to and put it on a plate
-prepare the chili sauce
-and when everything is ready
-heat up the cooking oil
- to cook these spices

Step 2: Next Step to Make Gargantang Fried Rice

Steps to make Gargantang rice
-heat up the cooking oil first
-heat the oil for 10 minutes and then add the seasoning
-Then Wait until the seasoning is mixed
-And then put the prepared rice in
-after that the stirred until it ripened evenly
- lift up your ready to eat fried rice and put it one a plate
-and then the fried ri