Introduction: How to Make Gauss Gun From Lighter

About: My name is Alex and I like to do it all with my own hands. I'm fond of arduino and I like to invent different constructions on it.

Gun Gauss (English Gauss gun, Coil gun, Gauss cannon) - one of the types of electromagnetic mass accelerator.

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Step 1: Materials

1.Electric Lighter


3.Copper wire

4.Plastic tube

5.Microwave button

6.Clock button


8.And others

Step 2: Make

To begin with, you need to disassemble the lighter itself and blow out a regular capacitor from its circuit and replace it with a diode with your more powerful capacitor. (I also replaced the button so you could take it out by the body) Then through the button we connect the coil to the condenser. Now we collect it back and it's ready.

Step 3: Coil

To make a coil you need to make two circles of cardboard that will serve as stops for your coil.

After you have made circles, you need to glue them on a plastic tube (the distance between the circles should be 1 cm). Then you need to wind the coil itself (I wound around 200 turns)

Step 4: Shells

I used nail pruning as projectiles. The projectile should have ferromagnetic properties and the projectile should roughly coincide with the inside diameter of the barrel.