Introduction: How to Make Him/Her the Happiest Person in the World

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The start of something beautiful.

Step 1: Intro

Everyone wants to have a successful relationship with the person they hold near and dear to their hearts. Here are a few steps on how you can maintain that spark you have with your lover.

Step 2: The Little Things

Always do the little things. This is the most important part of being with someone, you have to keep doing the little things. For example, send them messages confessing your love or how you miss them and can't wait to see them. Let them know that they are still wanted and appreciated, almost as if you are still trying to make them your lover.

Step 3: Communication

Communication is vital in a successful relationship. You and your lover must have strong communication. Having this will avoid arguments and will build trust between you all. The ability to talk to the one you love and resolve issues without getting upset will make you realize why you are with them. You will begin to see why those other relationships never worked and that he/she is perfect for you.

Step 4: Let Your Guard Down

I know this may seem like the hardest thing in the world to do but that's what makes it good for the relationship. Trusting a person to that extent pushes the relationship forward. This is because you're letting your other half see your purest form. Knowing that they are willing to be with the good, the bad, and the ugly tells you that they aren't there to waste your time.

Step 5: Dates Outside the Box

When going out on a date a dinner and movie is always a good option but that starts to get old. You have to start to think of other things to do with your lover. I understand the search for something fun and affordable in the city can be an extremely hard task but the smallest things can be a date. Choosing somewhere to take your lover should not be a stressful process. When choosing just relax, it's not about where you go, it's about the time spent together. So be different, walk away from the traditional date spots and date outside the box. Take her/him to the art gallery and explore each other's minds or call her/him to your place and paint portraits of one another. Another good one is going to the planetarium and looking at the stars or going to poetry slams. Dates outside the box gives you time to figure out who your lover really is as a person.

Step 6: Intellect

Intellect in a lover gives the relationship substance. Having a strong intellectual connection will keep the dry moments away. You will be able to talk about anything from Orange Juice to why an aglet is called an aglet. A special bond will begin to form that is only created between you and your lover. He/she wouldn't just be someone you are with for the moment. That person will begin to transform into your best friend and you'll see that "for the moment" transform into "for a lifetime".

Step 7: Be There

You have to be present for your relationship if you want it to be successful. When you notice something is wrong or when you have the connection to feel that something is wrong, speak on it. Sit your lover down and have a heart to heart to figure out what is wrong and how you can help. This shows that you care about what they have going on in their life and you will be there for them every step of the way no matter what.

Step 8: Push Each Other to Do Better

When going through life you start to run out of gas and begin to slack here and there on some things. Some days you may even want to give up and just stop. When you and your lover are there for each other you should always push them to do better. The look on their face when she/he has gotten what they have worked so hard for will make you happy simply because they are happy.

Step 9: Protect Each Other Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

Note that you are his/her safe haven. You are like a drug that gives them that much-needed escape from reality. The only difference is you're going to make sure you're good for them. When you see that they are being harmed in any way make it known that it will not be tollerated. This shows that as long as you are around he/she is safe.

Step 10: Treat Them the Way You Want to Be Treated. AKA LOVE HIM/HER

Always take into consideration how your lover feels. Don't do anything you wouldn't want them to do to you. This will ensure that love is intact and thriving. Because you are making an effort to love that person a soft spot will form. Practicing this step will guarantee the love that you feel for your lover is genuine.