Introduction: How to Make Affordable Homemade Blender Salsa (Mild, Medium and Hot)!

3 Tomato

1 Onion

2 cloves of Garlic

Jalapeno (0-3)

1/4th cup Cilantro (without the stems)

Lime (optional)

3 pinches of Salt

2 pinches of Pepper

2 cans Rotel canned salsa


Knives (along with a cautionary message)

Cutting Board

Blender (may vary depending on the brand and abilities)


Mixing spoon (traditional wooden spoon if possible)

Measuring spoons

Measuring cups

Can opener


Ingredients that need to be hand washed under cold water


Onion (after properly peeled)

Garlic (after properly peeled)



Ingredients that need to be cut

Tomatoes (each cut into four pieces)

Jalapenos (cut down to desired amount in salsa)

Onion (cut to fill ⅓ cup)

Lime (optional ingredient: cut in half and juice squeezed onto salsa)

Separate ingredients (so measurements could be evenly distributed)

Measure ingredients

Add ingredients to blender and blend to desired consistency


STEP 1: Clean Everything!

1a.) Vegetables

  • 3 Tomatoes
  • 2 Jalapenos
  • Cilantro
  • Onion (optional)
  • Garlic (optional)

1b.) Kitchenware

  • Utensils Can opener Knives (preferably sharp)
  • Measuring cups (⅓ and ¼)
  • Measuring spoons (½ teaspoon)
  • Cutting board Blender Bowl (for finished product)

*Knives and blenders contain sharp parts that can cause serious injury. Use caution when handling.*

Step 2: Preparation

2a.) Vegetables

  • 3 tomatoes: Remove stems Cut each tomato into four pieces and add to blender.
  • 2 Canned Tomatoes & Chilies
  • Two 10 ounce cans of diced tomatoes and green chiles
  • Use a can opener to open the cans. Pour both cans into blender

2b.) Vegetables Continued.

  • White Onion: Cut head and tail off onion.
  • Remove the excess skin
  • Cut ⅓ of a cup. (The way that this is cut does not matter. As long as it fills the majority of ⅓ cup, it will give the same effect. Add to blender.)
  • Garlic: Peal the skin and then Break off two cloves of garlic from the whole. Add to blender.

2c.) Vegetables Continued.

  • Cilantro: Pull off ¼ cup of leaves from the stems (do not use stems) Do not pack tightly. Let sit loosely. Add to blender.
  • Jalapenos: Cut stem off Cut in half (hotdog style).

For mild salsa: use ½ of a jalapeno or a none at all depending on preference To those very sensitive to the spiciness, remove seeds. For medium salsa: use 1 jalapeno For hot salsa: use 2 jalapenos.

  • Salt: Add ½ teaspoon

Step 3: The Final Process

3a.) Blend

  • Put the cover on the blender once all ingredients are in.
  • Plug the blender in
  • Press ‘blend’ until all ingredients are equally mixed (It may be necessary to stop blending after a few seconds and mix it so that the ingredients that are not blending can be pushed to the bottom to be blended in.) Resume blending.

3b.) Serve

  • Pour salsa into a bowl Serve with your favorite tortilla chips ENJOY!

3c.) Storing

  • Store in a tightly sealed container and refrigerate.