Introduction: How to Make Jurassic Park Mountain Landscape Diorama | Artificial Fantasy Mountain | Dinosaur Valley

This time I tried to make high mountain with scrape Styrofoam. It looks amazing .

Hope you enjoying the tutorial. In this tutorial I have combined trees ,huge mountain with dinosaur in a fantasy world. I do believe these miniature landscape are a welcome surprise that always bring a smile to our face. It's the perfect way to remember how the beauty of nature and small things make a huge difference in the world .


Styrofoam, cement,

acrylic colors,

floral foam,

green poly fiber,

plter of Paris

Step 1: Making of Base

I used plastic strip ,cut and make a circle. Now fill it with Plaster of Paris.Leave for dry about 2 hours .

Step 2: Making of Mountain

I took old (used) Styrofoam , cut few pieces and attached them with nails and glue.Now apply mixture of water and cement .Let it dry.Now apply acrylic colors on it one by one.For more details check the video.

Step 3: Fixing on Base

I attached mountain with plaster of Paris and few small rocks too. My project is ready to display.

Step 4: Final Pictures

Here are few pictures of my project. Hope you enjoy it.

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