Introduction: How to Make LASER SECURITY SYSTEM (Analog & Digital)

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Hey all,
In this tutorial , we will learn how to make LASER SECURITY SYSTEM ANALOG and DIGITAL.
Honestly , when i was a child and was watching movies i remember that , whenever i saw the Bank Laser Security System i was wondering about how they doing this .And i can say that ,mostly i imagined to prepare some system like that in my house! Today my dream came true :)

You can protect your own territory or house , by using this project.

You will see the difference between bot circuit. Of course digital system is better and can be upgraded with IoT and we can get warning by using wireless communication....
You can watch the video if you want to see how its works.

Step 1: Required Hardware

Required Hardware For the Analog Circuit

x1 Any transistor (most of npn and BJT is ok for this circuit, i have used BD135)

x1 LED

x1 Buzzer

x1 10k and 330 or 220 ohm resistor

x1 LDR

x1 Laser


Required Hardware For the Digital Circuit

x1 Arduino Nano

x1 LED

x1 Buzzer

x1 LDR

x1 Push button

x2 10k resistor

x1 330 or 220 ohm resisitor

x1 Breadboard

x1 Laser


Step 2: Circuit Connection

Well, here i have uploaded 2 circuit diagram for you. One for the digital circuit ,other for the analog .

NOTE THAT : Laser that i used in this video works with 3v. You can use any laser you have. Purpose is to create light beam which will go to LDR...

Step 3: Source Code

Here we have source code for the Digital Circuit digaram. No need for the code or arduino things for the Analog one :)

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