How to Make Lazy Mans Nachos

Introduction: How to Make Lazy Mans Nachos

Well, I finally got the motivation (and hunger) to make an Instructable! This is my first one, so expectations can't be too high.

*Resturaunt style nachos (preferably my favorite nacho making nachos)

*Refried black beans (or any refried beans)

*Frozen chunks seasoned beef

*Munster cheese

Step 1: Nachos in a Pile

To make a pile of nachos for the crunchy, tasty foundation, simply take one or two handfuls and pile them onto a small, to medium sized plate.

Step 2: Knifing the Beans

Next, spread the beans with a knife, or plop them on with a spoon.

Step 3: Adding the Beef

Just take a half of a handful or however much beef seems fit for the nachos, and pile it on!

Step 4: The Cheese Layer

Take one or two squares of muenster cheese, and tear them into strips, and apply to nachos.

Step 5: Nuke 'Em Up!

Place the nachos into desired microwave for however long you see fit.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Once the nachos have been nuked to the desired time, sprinkle some sun dried tomatoes on for added flavor (These are optional).

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This goes against everything I stand for in my attempt to be a healthy, "fancy" showoff-y cook a lot of times, but I am so going to try this. It looks awesome. The cheese kinda threw me, not what I expected for a mexican inspired recipe, but it sounds and looks like it'd fit well.