Introduction: How to Make Live Stream Look Professional Using OBS!

Follow These Steps To Have The Best Streaming Tutorial Ever!

Step 1: OBS

Search Open Broadcaster into the web browser. Click the first link you see.

Step 2: Download & Install

When you come on the website, download the full 64 bit for your device. For this example we will use windows.

Step 3: Open OBS

Follow the steps to install obs, when complete you should see a screen like this. From here you want to get your stream key from your streaming platform. (We will use Youtube)

Step 4: Go to Your Youtube Creator Account

When your on your youtube account, visit your creator studio and click on live streaming.

Step 5: Download Your Stream Key

Scroll all the way down until you see your stream key. (this key should not be shared with anyone else) Copy the stream key and go back to OBS.

Step 6: Copy & Paste

Paste your stream key into OBS, When done click apply to everything and it now has been set up to stream to your platform.

Step 7: Adding a Video Capture Device

For the next step if you want to add a video source, click on the plus sign and click add video capture device and add your device. Click apply and it should be added.

Step 8: Adding More Features

Now that you have a screen that you can show your gameplay, if you want to you can add a camera to show your audience your reactions.

Step 9: Confirming Your Selections

Click the plus sign, add video capture device, add your camera this time. Click apply and it should be added. You can resize your camera to the size you want.

Step 10: Ready to Live Stream!

You now have a streaming layout and your ready to broadcast your gameplay to the world.