Introduction: How to Make Magnetic Wooden Blocks Like Tegu Toys!

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We're going to be making some magnetic wooden blocks. These were for my two little girls. These do not have to be for your little girls. These can be for you because they are super fun!

You'll need neodymium magnets, which you can get here:

Step 1: A Thing of Beauty, Says I

Yes, my workbench is a perpetual mess. No, I'm not going to clean it up!

Step 2: Homemade All-the-things

First I used my homemade tablesaw to rip down some strips of spare wood. The size doesn't matter all that much. These are about an inch and a half wide and tall. The length of the strip is about two feet. What really matters here is that the strip is square on all four edges.

Step 3: Crosscut to Heaven

Crosscut your strip into blocks. You can use the width of the strip to set a stop block and then when you cut these will be perfect cubes. Make sure to check after you make your first cut. Nothing is worse than making a dozen cuts and finding out that they are all wrong. Trust papa. Papa knows.

Step 4: Doweling Jig Is Your Friend

I used a doweling jig to make sure that my holes were centered. In a later batch, I did it with a drill press and it was way worse. Doweling jig. Seriously. Use one.

I poked around and people are saying that this one is particularly good:

The exact one I'm using in the video is this:

Step 5: Magnets!

Push your magnets into the holes for a tight interference fit. If they wobble, I suggest crazy glue or epoxy. A dab will go a long way to making sure these magnets never, ever come loose.

Step 6: A Little Bit of Finish and Hand Them Off

Your kids will thank you :)

If you're interested, you might want to check out the second video for a view of the later batch.

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