Introduction: How to Make Mini Drill Press

Hello, Today I show You how i made simple mini drill press, to see it in action look at attached video.

Step 1: Materials

Tools i used:


Angle grinder

Belt sander





Step 2: Attack Guides to Main Board

Drill two holes in main board (12 cm distance between holes) and attach guide tubes, the tubes i use have nuts tightly inserted on 1 end so im using machine screw and tightening it with pliers.

Step 3: Drill Holes in Movable Tubes and Attach Them

Mark where holes will be drilled (1st hole 54mm from bottom and 2nd hole 73mm from bottom)

Drill the holes and then drill bigger holes on opposite side (those holes will allow you to attach the tubes)

On block of wood mark and drill holes as shown on photo

Attach tubes to block and test fit

Step 4: Mark Level Lane for a Bracket

Mark two same spots at same height on each end of block and connect them.

Step 5: Mount Bracket

Place steel bracket perfectly on line and mark where holes should be.

Drill holes and attach bracket

Screw spring hook at back side of wooden block

Step 6: Making Circle

Cut circle with hole saw.

Sand rough edges of circle

Make groove for steel wire

Drill hole in the circle to attack handle

Drill hole in right side of wooden block to attach the circle

Use machine screw to attach it

Drill hole for steel wire mounting screw

Mount handle

Step 7: Spring Mount Bar

dowels slide inside of tubes and mount wooden bar on top of them then screw in spring hook

Step 8: Attach Base

Step 9: Install Adjustable Screw and Steel Wire

Drill wire mount exactly under side of circle as shown on photo

Steel wire is 16cm long + folded ~~4cm at each end

Step 10: Glue Rubber Pads on Base

Step 11: Install Spring

I dont have spring strong enough for this project so i used latex tube

Step 12: Finished

Finished press, check the video to see it in action! i hope it will help You to build Your own :)