Introduction: How to Make Oobleck

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make oobleck aka non-Newtonian liquid.This liquid has very special properties. When it does not act as a force, it acts like a liquid, but when we slap it with it, it acts like a solid.Let's do it!



potato or corn starch



Step 1:

First, pour corn or potato starch into the prepared dish.

Step 2:

Now we start to carefully pour water into the starch bowl while stirring.The correct starch to water ratio is approximately two parts starch and one part water. That there is enough water in the mixture we find out that when you hit the oobleck with your fist so it behaves like concrete but when you slowly dip your hand in the mixture so oobleck acts as water. If you want this oobleck to be colored then you can add food coloring to it.

Step 3: What to Do With Slime?

You can try to hit the oobleck with your fist or you can try to turn it into a ball lae you have to put on the slime to exert strength otherwise the oobleck becomes water again. Or you can try to fill the children's pool with at least five centimeters of this tear and try to walk on it. But be careful to stomp a lot or you dive into it.Are you sure you ask what to do with oobleck after playing with it? The answer is simple. Either we dry the slime water and evaporate the starch, or we can let the slime stand for a few hours during which the starch settles on the bottom, which means we can pour out the excess water.

Step 4: How Does It Work?

So how does oobleck work? Oobleck is a non-Newtonian liquid which means it behaves differently than most copalines like water. The difference is that the water viscosity does not change, although the force acting on it, but when we force on the oobleck and viscosity will increase because they start rubbing themselves starch grains that previously moved freely.

Step 5: Summary

This exeriment is very entertaining and my friends also enjoyed it a lot. Every child should try this experiment.If you liked this experiment, please give me a vote in the after school competition. Thank you very much.

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