Introduction: How to Make Oreo Cookie Turkeys

This project is fun for Halloween and Thanksgiving and is easy for people of all ages!

Preparation time: 10 minutes


(You may consider printing these steps before beginning. Your hands may get messy!)

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients.

Collect your ingredients before beginning.

(1) package of Mega Stuffed Oreo Cookies

(1) package of Miniature Reeses peanut butter cups

(1) package of Candy Corn

(1) box of Whoppers

(1) 1.5 oz tube of white frosting

(1) 16 oz container of chocolate frosting

Plastic plate

Butter knife

Step 2: Create the Floor for Your Turkey.

Separate your Oreo cookie into 2 pieces, and lay it down on the plate with the icing up. (You won't need the other side of the Oreo anymore. Put it aside).

Step 3: ​Form Your Turkey’s Back.

Place another Oreo upright on the end of the other Oreo’s icing.

Step 4: Decorate the Turkey With Feathers.

Take 5 pieces of candy corn and poke them into the icing of your upright Oreo.

Step 5: Frost Your Turkey's Stomach.

Cover the large circle of your Reese’s candy with chocolate frosting. (Make sure you take the wrapper off your Reese's.)

Step 6: Attach the Stomach of Your Turkey.

Place the chocolate frosted Reese’s against the bottom of your standing Oreo.

Step 7: Frost the Head of Your Turkey.

Create a large circle of frosting on your whopper candy.

Step 8: Connect the Head of Your Turkey.

Attach the frosted whopper on top of the Reese’s.

Step 9: Add the Eyes to the Turkey’s Face.

Make two small dots with the white frosting on the front of your whopper.

Step 10: Create the Beak of the Turkey.

Tear off the white end tip of one piece of candy corn.

Step 11: Frost the Beak.

Take your knife and add chocolate frosting to the flat side of the torn candy corn.

Step 12: Glue the Beak to the Turkey’s Face.

Attach the frosted beak on your front of your whopper, beneath the eyes of your turkey

Step 13: Make the Feet of the Turkey.

Take a piece of candy corn and tear between the colored layers. Repeat once more.

Step 14: Connect the Feet.

Place the yellow pieces of your torn candy corn in front of the Reese’s and in the Oreo’s icing floor. (You do not need the orange and white layers- put them aside)

Step 15: Enjoy Your Oreo Cookie Turkey!

Your oreo cookie turkey is now complete. ENJOY!