Introduction: How to Make Origami Paper Stars

Today I'm going to teach you how to make origami paper stars! While it will take a little patience to make these tiny stars, the end result is creative and pretty! You can make multiple stars and place them in little glass jars to use as decoration or just give them to your friends to show off your craftsmanship!

Step 1: Pick Your Paper

Decide on which color paper you'd like to make your stars out of. Then cut them into long strips. Each strip is going to be one star. For my demonstration, I'm going to use strips that are 1/2 inch thick and 8 1/2 inches long. The thicker the paper, the thicker the stars. You can also buy pre-cut strips of paper for pretty cheap at crafts stores.

Step 2: Starting the Base

Begin by making a makeshift knot with the paper. Leave a few centimeters of paper left on the end of the knot. Tighten the knot, making sure the piece is flat. Flip the paper over and tuck the extra small piece into the knot.

Step 3: Folding the Star

Now we're going to wrap the star up. Flip the star over to the beginning position. We are going to wrap the long paper end around the flat ends of the star. Make sure you fold the pieces flat and close to the base. Another small piece will be left after folding the star up. We'll deal with that in the next step.

Step 4: Finishing the Base

After folding the star, you'll be left with a small piece of paper. Turn the star over. We are going to tuck that piece into the main base, just like we did in the first step.

Step 5: Pinching the Star

Now the base is done. The only step left is to pinch the corners to form the points of the stars. Gently squeeze the flat sides to make a point between them. Do that for all five sides and you'll have the star done!

Step 6: Done!

After squeezing the points, you'll have your star! Don't worry if you didn't make the star as tight as you'd liked, you can undo the paper and start over if you need. Try using different sized paper and texture to make multiple unique stars!!