Introduction: How to Make PVC Pipe Artwork for Inside the Home

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Despite all the work our first PVC project entailed, we were determined to repeat the process on an indoor piece. We incorporated many of the suggestions given through the comments from our viewers. Spoiler: this process was so much easier!


PVC Pipe 1/2 in, 3/4 in, 1 in, 1-1/2 in, 2 in, 3 in

Oatey 10 oz. Fusion One Step PVC Cement

4mm Plastic Sheet

OOK 3/8 in. Offset Clip with Hardware (8-Pack)

Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy

Black Diamond Pigments

Step 1: Watch the Video

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Step 2: Cut the PVC

Buying 10' long PVC pipe always makes for a fun ride home! This trip was no exception. Once home, we cleaned off the writing on the pipe and then started cutting the PVC pipe into one-inch slices on the miter saw. We used a stop block on the miter saw to make cutting the many slices we need more efficiently. Cutting PVC is really messy. We used dust collection but still had a lot that escaped. We periodically stopped and use a wet/dry vacuum to keep it under control.

The smaller diameter PVC pipe could not safely be cut on the miter saw so we used a ratcheting PVC cutter. It was slow but effective.

Step 3: Arrange PVC Slices

We created a frame for the PVC the size of the openings where the art panels would be installed.

We dry fitted all the pieces to check the layout, but decided the pieces were too uniform in diameter, so we went back to the store to get a few pipes of larger diameter. We repeated the layout with the new sizes and were pleased with that layout. Even so, we thought we needed just a little something more!

We filled seven of the PVC pieces with epoxy that we colored with gold Black Diamond pigment. We put those into the arrangement and used PVC glue to attach all the pieces.

For the second panel, we flipped the first panel over onto a piece of plastic and then traced the interior of the circles. This gave us a mirror image of the first. Then it was just a matter of putting the same size piece of PVC onto the pattern. This went really quickly!

Step 4: Spray Paint and Install!

The last step before installing was to spray paint the entire piece white. We did this because the PVC varied in color plus some of the writing on the PVC was not completely removed and it was visible.

The PVC panels were installed with offset clips that were screwed into the walls.

Here are the panels in place.

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