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Introduction: How to Make Plarn

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Most grocery bags work well to make plarn. Bags from Target are thicker and a little more gummy so they do not work well in combination with other types of bags. Garbage bags are also gummy and stretchy and aren’t as strong. Besides, the purposes of using plarn is to reduce waste and I’m guessing no one would want anything made from a used garbage bag. Once you’ve selected your bags and determined your project it’s time to make the plarn.

Making plarn is easy.

1.  First you fold the bag lengthwise a few times.

2.  Then you cut off the handles and bottom of the bag.

3.  Next you cut it into strips horizontally. Depending on what you plan on making you are going to want to cut the strips to different widths. One inch strips are about equal to 4 ply yarn and work well with F, G, and H size crochet hooks. If you spin 1″ strips you can achieve a gauge about equal to size 10 crochet thread. For projects you want to be more durable or stiff cut your bags into 1-1/2″ strips. This will give you about 8 strips per bag and is comparable to chunky yarn so size H, I, or J hooks work well.

4.  Once you have cut your strips you should have a pile of loops. Connect these loops as you would a rubber band chain.

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    LOL- I just did the "ADD version". Then I thought maybe I should finish reading the instructions, in case there was something else I needed to know, so I came back and watched the video. And now I know the solution to all my problems: I should have married a Virgo. ;-)

    It makes me sad to think of all the plastic bags I have thrown in the garbage over the years, and to see all the cool things I could have been making with them. I can't believe I never thought of doing this. And I can't wait to get started now of course, even though I have lots of other things I "should" be doing.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've made this before, but I found that if you cut a continuos strand it includes the handles and the bottom of the bag plus, there is WAYYY less knots and strands hanging in the crocheted object.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Deja vu!!! I just made a plastic water bottle cosy from plarn for when I go camping. I loom knitted it. I used plastic grocery bags with a grey stripe from a clothing store bag. I think it will be better than a store-bought bottle because plastic water bottles cannot break when dropped because it bounces. (it is better 4 da enviroment, too!!!)

    Verdant Toes
    Verdant Toes

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I guess, go with what ever trait is dominant at the time. :) Advantage to using the rotary board is you can make narrower consistent strips for finer plarn if you don't want or need something super chunky.


    11 years ago on Introduction