Introduction: How to Make Powdered Drink Mix With Less Agitation

My grandma taught me this when I was a kid and I only recently remembered it. Now I am passing it on to you.

Who hasn’t shook and shook or stirred and stirred their Kool-aid (or other unsweetened drink mix) only to find the granules still clinging to the side of the jug? Your arms are tired and you’re ready to give up and put the thing in the fridge. Here’s the secret in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Start With HOT Water

Start out with a small amount of HOT (that’s right I said hot) tap water, maybe 2 cups per ½ gallon, in your jug or pitcher.

Step 2: Sugar and Mix

Immediately add the amount of sugar (usually 1 cup per ½ gallon) required for your mix and the mix itself (you can use ready mix with this as well). You won’t have to agitate as long because sugar dissolves better in hot water.

Step 3: Making It COLD!

Add ice until the container is full.

Step 4: Add the Water

Add water up to the top of the ice and agitate to combine the fresh water with the sweet Kool-aid water. The ice will melt and cool the hot water and make the cold water colder.

Step 5: Pour and ENJOY!

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