Introduction: How to Make Pudding With Pearl Sago

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South India is one of the major producers of Pearl Sago, which is made from the roots of Tapioca plant.We make many delicious dishes from Pearl Sago.

In this recipe, I will explain how to make Pearl Sago Pudding which can be served as dessert

Step 1: Ingredients

  • One cup of Pearl Sago
  • One cup of cow's milk
  • 15 grams of Cashew Nuts
  • 15 grams of of Almonds
  • 15 grams of Raisins
  • 50 grams of Rock Candy made from Palm trees
  • 5 to 6 teaspoons of Ghee
  • 4 to 5 Cardamom pods

Step 2: Roast Pearl Sago

  • Place a frying pan over medium heat and add pearl sago in it
  • While roasting, the Pearl Sago will splatter and crack. Roast till the cracking stops
  • Remove from pan and keep aside

Step 3: Prepare Ingredients Step 1

  • Place the Cardamom pods in a mortar and pestle and crush to powder
  • In a frying pan add few drops of ghee and roast the raisins

Step 4: Prepare Ingredients Step 2

  • In the same pan add Almonds and cashew nuts and roast
  • Using a Mortar and pestle, make rough powder of roasted almonds and cashew nuts

Step 5: Preparation Step 1

  • In the same pan used for roasting ingredients, you can add milk and start boiling
  • Once the milk starts to boil, add the Palm tree rock candy and stir till the pieces dissolve in milk

Step 6: Preparation Step 2

  • Once the rock candy is dissolved in milk, add the roasted pearl sago and mix well
  • Stir continuously till the mix becomes thick

Step 7: Preparation Step 3

  • Add the crushed nuts, Raisins and powdered cardamom pods to the pan and mix well

Step 8: Preparation Step 4

  • Add teaspoons of ghee at intervals and continue stirring
  • When the pudding is properly done, it will start to leave the pan and little bit of ghee will also seep out from under the pudding

Step 9: Mould in Cups and Serve

  • Apply ghee on sides of a tray and transfer the pudding to it. When the pudding is still hot, mould in cups.

The pearl sago pudding can be served as dessert

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