Introduction: How to Make Pupsicles (For Your Dog)

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Summer brings lots of fun, but it also brings lots of hot weather. Not only is it hot for humans, but it is also hot for dogs. Treat your dog to a popsicle that they will love.


Chicken stock (no onions)
Small dog bones
A mold
A knife
Cling wrap
Tape (optional)

Step 1: Sterilizing the Mold

This step is the most important step. Cleaning your mold prevents any harmful bacteria growing from getting into your dog’s digestive system. I used hot water and dish soap. First pour hot water into the mold and put dish soap in as well. Let it sit for a good minute then dump it out and scrub it like how you would normally clean a bowl. Then take some more hot water and rinse it. Finally, dry it.

Step 2: Adding the Chicken Stock

For this step, you will need to pour your chicken stock into your mold. I poured mine to about 1/3 of the way per Pupsicle, but it really doesn’t matter. Once you are done, cover the mold with cling wrap. If you feel that the cling wrap won’t stay on, you can add some tape to hold it down.

Step 3: Adding the Stick and Freezing the Pupsicle

Make a slit in the cling wrap and insert a small dog bone. Put the whole mold in the freezer for a day or until you need it. Before you give this treat to your furry friend let it defrost for a minute so their tongue won’t stick to the ice. I hope you and your dog enjoyed the tutorial, but if there was something you didn’t understand, let me know I am happy to help!
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