Introduction: The Most Amazing Flourless Chocolate Cake

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This flourless chocolate cake is one of my absolute favorite recipes, with the taste similar to a chocolate lava cake, but even better. You can garnish it with mint leaves, raspberry sauce, homemade whipped cream, and so much more. Whether your looking to impress some guests or satisfy yourself, this cake is perfect for you.


Ingredients for this project include:

  • 1 pound of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate
  • 1 pound butter
  • 5 1/4 cups of powdered sugar
  • 10 eggs
  • 1/4 cup of brandy (optional)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • pinch of salt

Toppings (optional)

whipping cream, mint leaves, raspberries, ect.

Step 1: Combining the Butter and Chocolate

In order to actually set up a double broiler you will need a pot and a bowl that is just barely to big to fit in the pot. Cut the butter and chocolate into smaller pieces so that they melt easier when put inside the top bowl of the broiler. Fill up the bottom pot a quarter of the way up with water, and place the bowl with the butter and chocolate on top. Once fully melted, give the mixture a good stir to insure all the butter and chocolate are combined. Transfer the mixture to the bowl of an electric mixer.

Step 2: Adding in the Rest of Your Ingredients

Sift the powdered sugar on top of the chocolate and butter mixture, and add all ten of your eggs. I used a large spoon to mix most of the powdered sugar into the eggs and chocolate/butter mixture so that way when you turn the mixer on later, the powdered sugar doesn't fly everywhere. Next add in your brandy (optional), vanilla, and salt. To combine all the ingredients, turn your mixer on to a low speed. You'll know when everything is mixed perfectly when you can take a spoon, drip the batter onto itself, and the batter folds, taking a second to combine again.

Step 3: Baking the Cake

Pour the batter into a 10 inch springform pan and wrap the base with aluminum foil to seal it. Pour an inch of water into a roasting pan (it's best to use a roasting pan, but mine was being used for something else, so I decided to use a metal cookie sheet). Put both pans in the oven for 2 hours at 325°.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When you take the cake out of the oven. At first it will seem like it's raw, but in the end, it will firm up. Let the cake cool for 30 minutes to an hour. Remove it from the border of the springform pan, but do NOT remove it from the base. How you choose to garnish the cake is completely up to you, but in my opinion, it goes the best with homemade whipped cream.

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