Introduction: How to Make Quadcopter With Kk2.1.5 Flight Controller

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Hi Guys Today We are Making Quadcopter With Kk2.1.5 Flight Controller

Step 1: Warnings While Flying or Making Quadcopters

1)Consider your safety first.

2)Start trying to fly in an open field.

3)Practice landing.

4)Maintain a lower altitude.

5)While configuring quardcopter please remove all the propeller.

Step 2: Materials Used

Hardware Items:

1) Quadcopter Frame.

2) Flight Controller (KK 2.15 Flight Controller)

3) Brushless Motor (1000KV) (4 pieces)

4) Electronic Speed Control [ESC] (30 Amps) -4 pieces

5) Propellers 1045/1045R -2 sets

6) Lithium-Polymer 2200 mAH Battery-1

7) FS-CT6B 6-Channel (Transmitter+Receiver)-1

8) 1.5 Volt Batteries for Transmitter- [According to the Transmitter]

Product Links:

1)Motor -
2)ESC -
3) Flight Controller-
4) Battery -
5) Transmitter+Receiver -
6) Battery Charger -
7) Propeller -

Step 3: Tools ​Needed :

1) Solder iron.

2) Alan keys tool.

3) Shrink tubes.

4) Glue gun.

5) Zip ties (To hold the ESC's on the frame and for tying some wires)

Step 4: Connect Motor With ESC

Connect the 4 Motors and ESC's each other by direct soldering or using Connectors.

Step 5: Connect ESC to Power Distribution Board

Then connect the ESC's using connector or by directly the inbuilt power distribution board.

Step 6: Solder the Battery Wire

Solder the Battery wire to the inbuilt power distribution board and if needed you can also add a switch.

Step 7: KK 2.15 Board Connection

After all the soldering work is done,connect the Receiver and ESC servo wires to KK 2.15 Board.

Step 8: Transmitter Programming

1)Connect the controller to your desktop or laptop and open configure application [T6Config Software if you are using FS-CT6B 6-Channel] and test the controls to see the Throttle,Elevator-Pitch, Rudder-Yaw and Aileron-Altitude are not inverted.

2)If you don't know how to program transmitter don't worry,download our programmed file below and open it on T6Config Software

Step 9: Programming and Arming the KK 2.15 Board

1) If your code is all correct and your connections are all good,connect the Battery and Switch on the Drone,You should see theLCD screen on the KK2.1.5 board lit up,from where you can easily calibrate

2) Set End points to 100% and subtrim each channel according to your needs and quadcopter's stability.

3)Nowarmthe KK 2.15 Board (You'd see ARMED come up on the LCD screen) and gradually increase the throttle. If everything is perfecty connected, flashed and calibrated the motors will start rotating.

For More about Programming Watch This:

For More About Making Quadcopter you can watch our YouTube Video Below:

Step 10: ​Now You Are Done!!

Now fix propeller START FLYING :)

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Thank You

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