Introduction: DIY Night Moon Lamp

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How to make Moon Lamp

Step 1: Things Needed


1)Tissue paper


3)Plastic Ball

4)LED bulb

5)Water colour (black &white )

6) Sponge

Step 2: Dilute Fevicol/PVA Glue

Step 3: Stick Tissue Paper on Ball Using Fevicol/PVA Glue

Step 4: Let It Dry

keep it some hours for dry

Step 5: Cut and Remove the Ball

cut the bottom and remove the ball

Step 6: Paint It Like a Moon

Paint it using a sponge

Step 7: Bulb Setup

Stick a bulb holder on a plastic box and use a bulb LED/CFL

Step 8: Place the Dome Over the Bulb

Step 9: ​ for More About Making Moon Lamp You Can Watch Our YouTube Video Below:

Step 10: You Are Done!!

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