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Hi friends, in this instructable i will be showing you how to make amazing radar system built using arduino nano this project is ideal for science projects and u can easily make this with very less investment and chances if winning prize is great too, this is the same principle used in actual radar too but with some extra advanced features,For video tutorial u can see next step lets get started with this instructable

Note: All the codes are included in this instructable

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Step 1: Supplies

  • Mini breadboard
  • Arduino nano you can use uno too but with some changes in code and circuit
  • Jumper wires

Step 2: Video Https://

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

  • Follow the simple diagram as shown in image
  • To make it compact i have coupled extra length wires using tape
  • Mini breadboard makes the setup very compact
  • Micro servo is glued using hot glue to breadboard
  • Ultrasonic sensor is kept on top of micro servo as ahown in image
  • Make sure there is no wires araound 180 degree swing area

Step 4: CODES

  • First connect arduino using cable to your computer
  • Using arduino ide upload code to board (note down port number as we need this in processing code)
  • Once code is uploaded to board the device will start working
  • Now open processing software
  • Paste the codes
  • Change the port number (which was noted doen earlier from arduino ide)
  • Run the code
  • Pop up Screen will appear

Step 5: It's Working

  • If u followed exact same steps your radar will be working like as shown in image above
  • Let me know in comments if u face any issues in making this project

Thank you for your time and patience for reading this instructable, Have a Good Day

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