Introduction: How to Make Record and Play Servo Based Robotic Arm

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Record and play servo robotic arm

Step 1: Servo Based Robotic Arm Introduction

hello friends in this instructables i will show how to make a robotic arm with record and play function

In this project i used four mini servo and four potentiometer

Read from potentiometer is record to arduino board in teach mode and those steps are payed in loop in play mode.

To make this project run smoothly I prepared a PCB layout and order it from

JLCPCB.COM as soon as you get PCB you just need to solder header pins, pushbuttons & resistor and your robotic arm ready to run.

JCLPCB is PCB manufacturing company they provide upto 10 prototype PCB in just 2$ with first shipping free it was a great deal.

If you need any PCB to order you can consider to visit JLCPCB.COM

Step 2: Material Required

Arduino nano : -

Servo motor : -

Tactile push button : -

DC power jack : -

Header pin : -

Step 3: Procedure

Arrange all necessary items..

Please go through the attached images and video for better understanding..

I divide whole project in two parts

1) Servo Motor assembly

2) Potentiometer assembly

1) Servo motor assembly: - Servo motor as J1, J2, J3, J4 fix the servo motors as shown in image use 3M tape to glue servo, use thin flexible plastic strip to make griper, make hole in center of each finger tie thread in that hole pass this thread from center hole and tie knot at the other end of thread with 4th servo motor’s knob, as you stretch thread finger get close vise versa. Fix whole arrangement on strong rigid base.

2) Potentiometer assembly: - Fix potentiometer as shown in figure name potentiometer as do previous R3, R4, R5, R6 this time place R6 separately for easy access this potentiometer control gripper to pick and place. Potentiometer arrangement symmetry must be same as servo arm. Fix whole arrangement on strong rigid base.

Step 4: Programming

Upload the attached code to the arduino

Its done your robot is ready to work Now move potentiometer meter meanwhile record the position by pressing record button one time,

To play to the recorded moves double press the play button Thanks for your attention Don't forget to subscribe our youtube channel

Arduino code

PCB Gerber file

Editable PCB Layout file Fritzing support

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