Introduction: How to Make Santa Hat Cake Pops

What's cuter than Christmas on a stick? That's right-- nothing.
Here's how to make this bite-size treat with few steps and ingredients. They're perfect for gift-giving and sharing with family and friends during the holidays!

Step 1: Supplies

These are the things you'll need:
-1 box mix cake (any flavor)
- 1 can of frosting 
- 2 bags red candy coating pieces
- 1 bag white candy coating pieces
- Yogurt-covered raisins OR white chocolate-covered espresso beans
- lollipop sticks
- White candy sprinkles (optional)
Other needs: A lollipop stand or styrofoam block, a microwave, and a little bit of patience.

I usually buy Wilton brand because of their vast array of cake-decorating supplies. You can get the candy coating, sprinkles, and sticks from them. Coming soon to a craft store near you! Espresso beans would look a smidge better on the finished product, but I couldn't find them at my ordinary grocery. (a Gourmet Coffee Shop, maybe?) 

Step 2: For Starters

Bake the cake as directed, using a 9x13" or the largest pan option. After the cake has cooled, cut it into quarters and crumble it until there are no large clumps left.
Hint: (You can cut off any browned edges on the cake if you're using a white cake mix and don't want brown spots on the inside of the finished cake pops. They didn't bother me, though; you won't see the cake on the outside of the cake pop when it's done.)
You'll want to prepare a baking tray lined with parchment or wax paper for chilling.
Mix about 3/4 of the can of frosting into the crumbs and mix with a spoon or your hands. 
Don't mix in all of the frosting- this will make the cake mixture too moist and sticky for shaping. You just need enough to make the mix stick to itself and form into balls. 
Take a small amount of the dough- about two tablespoons- and make it into a ball. Pinch one side of the ball and turn it in your hands to make it into a cone. Place on the baking tray. Repeat with remaining cake mixture to make about 48 cones. 
Put the tray in the refrigerator for several hours or the freezer for about 15 minutes- this way the cake will be firmer and easier to dip.

Step 3: Dip It

Now we'll give the hats a fuzzy brim with white candy coating. Melt the white candy pieces on half power in the microwave or as the package directs.
One at a time, dip the flat end of each cone in the candy, allowing any excess to drip off. Press one of the lollipop sticks into the center of the hat, pushing it enough that it stays but not so much that the hat breaks (about halfway). Put the pop in a lollipop stand or a piece of styrofoam to chill. 
Once the candy is hardened, it's time to add another layer of white over the first and roll them in the sprinkles- this will make the "fur trim" look extra fluffy and festive!
To do this, we have to twist the stick and pull it out of our pops, so that we can dip them again.
Re-inserting the sticks: You may find it helpful to dip the stick in a bit of the candy coating to help it adhere to it's former placing. Pour the sprinkles into a dish and sprinkle them over each pop.
Chill the pops again to prepare for the next step.

Step 4: Dip It Good

This time dipping is a bit easier- you start by melting the red candy pieces in a deep glass or ceramic bowl.
Dip the pointy end of each pop into the coating, making sure to cover it up to the white.  * *It's important to keep the melted candy worm - by heating it up every 5 pops or so, it will stay smoother and easier to work with.
If you lose the tops off one of your hats.. don't cry. It's impossible to make everything in a recipe perfectly, and besides- you get an early sample of your creation ;) You can also try to stick broken parts back on with more candy if you can't account for any losses.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

While the red candy is still warm, press a yogurt-covered raisin or espresso bean to the top of the hat. Chill.
Last but not least, show off your adorable, festive, and tasty creations!

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