Introduction: How to Make Sculpted Bug Legs Easily

Bug legs can add a creepy element to any and all monster-making projects. Insects have always been my favorite things to recreate in sculpture, and I hope you try out these simple to make bug legs and use them in your projects too!

Step 1: Materials

*Polymer Clay (2oz will make at 4-8 depending on size)

*Wire cutters

*Wire (you can find 2in precut pieces like mine on Amazon or in craft stores)

*Acrylic paint in your color of choice (I used mainly dark brown and white)

*(Not pictured): Aluminum foil and access to an oven

Step 2: Roll Clay Into a Log

roll out logs of clay to the desired width of your legs, making sure to taper one end

Roll out the clay into a log of the desired width of your leg. Make sure to taper one end to a near point.

I made mine about 1 3/4 inches long and 1/4 of an inch wide.

You can always change the length and width depending on what size you need.

Step 3: Cut and Insert Wire

I used 2 inch headpins for mine, but you can cut wire to any size that you need.

Insert the wire into the wider end of the leg and make sure to leave some exposed so you can attach it to your project.

Step 4: Adding the Joints

Now, use wire cutters to make indentions in the clay. This is for the leg joints.

Twist the segments to separate them.

The clay will stick to itself even after this step, don't worry about the sticking. This isn't the final separation.

Step 5: Bake and Separate Joints

For the Sculpeys clay I used, I preheated the oven to 225 degrees and baked it for 30 minutes. Putting it at a lower temperature takes longer than the package instructions, but prevents cracks in the clay. I make a small aluminum tray to bake my projects in.

Let the clay cool to the touch and then bend the segments gently. It will snap on the indention you made and you'll be ready to paint.

Step 6: Paint

Now you can paint the clay however you desire, and you're done with your legs!

I used white and dark brown paint for mine.

Step 7: Attach to Your Project

You're done!