Introduction: How to Make Sea World Cupcake Toppers

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In this tutorial you will see how to make these adorable edible cupcake
toppers. These can also be used for sea world themed cakes.

Enjoy our simple tutorials:

Step 1: List of Tools Used in This Tutorial:

  • Rolling pin
  • Paint brush + water
  • Ball tool
  • Shell tool
  • Scallop tool
  • Blade tool (or a knife)
  • Edible black marker
  • Sharp point tool (or a tooth pick)
  • 4.5cm fluted shaped round cutter
  • Piping tip
  • + dark blue, light blue, white & red fondant

Step 2: Tools Used for Each Fondant Topper:

Star fish

Paint brush + water, light blue fondant, white fondant, red fondant (for the tongue)-optional, Ball tool (or the other end of your paint brush), edible black marker or black fondant To make one star fish (2.5 – 3.5cm) you will need 10 grams of light blue (or any other colour) fondant + only a tiny bit of white & red fondant.

Long shell

Paint brush + water, light blue fondant, ball tool & blade tool (or a knife).

To make one shell (4 cm long) you will need 5 grams of light blue fondant.

Oyster shell

Rolling pin, paint brush + water, light blue & white fondant, shell tool and a piping tip.

To make one oyster shell you will need about 3 grams of light blue fondant + some white fondant for the pearl.


Paint brush & water, light blue fondant, white fondant, black edible marker, ball tool & scallop (smile) tool.

To make one octopus topper you will need about 12 grams of light blue fondant and a tiny piece of white fondant.

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